7 Key Considerations For Downsizers Building A New Home

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These days it’s not just empty nesters and retirees who are choosing to downsize from a large house—there’s a growing trend for small families and couples to opt for small design homes too.

The reasons for downsizing vary, but are often associated with wanting a low-maintenance lifestyle in a home that is more affordable to build, run and maintain. Leaving your old home behind can be challenging—not to mention trying to figure out what to do with all your stuff! But when you choose the right design, that ticks all your boxes now, you’ll never look back.

So if you are thinking about making the switch to a smaller home, now or in the future, read on to learn 7 key considerations for downsizers.

1) Declutter before the move

For some, decluttering is the biggest challenge in downsizing. Sorting through a lifetime of possessions, and letting go of what you can’t keep is understandably hard. The key to avoiding overwhelm is to start early and have a plan. Once you’ve decided you will downsize, start giving away or donating things you are sure you won’t need. It can help to tackle it room by room, but however you approach it, be sure to map out a plan first.

2) Find the right location

Location is always important, but it takes on added significance for those looking  to downsize to their forever home in retirement. Loving your location is a must. Look for land that is close to shops, transport and essential services, so everything you need is easily accessible. Also, somewhere that is close to family and friends, in picturesque surrounds, will enhance your lifestyle further.

3) Smart use of space

When it comes to smaller homes, space is at a premium, so it’s a good idea to partner with a builder who has experience with small design homes. They can provide valuable insight into creating a design that maximises space and is light, bright and breezy, so your new home feels bigger than it is.

4) Low-maintenance features

Low-maintenance features go hand in hand with smaller homes, as it is often the promise of a shorter to-do list around the house that inspires the move in the first place! Your builder can help with low-maintenance material selections, such as cladding and flooring, plus a smaller home means less time spent on daily cleaning tasks which makes a big difference.

5) Build to suit your needs now

Spend some time in the months leading up to the move thinking about the design features that could make your life more comfortable, enjoyable and easier. For example, you might want to avoid steps, have an outdoor space to enjoy your morning cuppa or include a bathroom with a walk-in shower for ease of access. Whether you buy land or do a knockdown rebuild, downsizing to a new home gives you the perfect chance to create a space that fits your needs perfectly now.

6) Add a touch of luxury

When you build a new home, it’s always nice to be able to include some extra special touches that will make you love it that much more. This is especially true if it’s your forever home! Some ideas include feature lighting in the kitchen, cooling in your bedroom or an alfresco decking.

7) Don’t forget outdoor space

An outdoor entertaining area connected to the house is a big plus in a smaller home, as it extends your living zone and creates a sense of space. Whether you opt for a decking, alfresco, or sunny courtyard, when it’s well designed and flows effortlessly from the house, it’s sure to become a favourite spot.

Are you ready to downsize?

If the idea of a fresh start in a smaller home that is easier to maintain, requires less maintenance and is designed to suit your lifestyle now appeals, downsizing could be a great option.

Our design team are small home specialists and can help you bring your vision to life. Get in touch with us today to find out more!

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