Consciousness is finally making its comeback. And we are building the homes to house it.

The small lot home specialists

Smart Footprint Homes are about building homes that enlarge your life but reduce your footprint. From our intentional and innovative designs, to our smart use of space and technology, we build homes that provide solutions to the economic and environmental problems of our time. Homes that show us all that small things can be mighty.

Are you ready to make the change to a small home?

Small lot houses by Smart Footprint Homes are designed specifically to meet the needs of our changing lifestyle, whatever stage you’re at. With smart designs which reduce build time, smaller block sizes to lower mortgage repayments and an experienced and passionate team, we are dedicated to our vision of making a big change in our world, through the power of small.

Why small homes matter

From the 1980s to early 2000s the large “McMansion” home was considered the ultimate sign of success. Over time however, the wants and needs of the average Australian looking to buy or build a home has changed – but many new home builders have not adapted to meet this.

The benefits for living small are immediate and long lasting. It is clear to see why so many are starting to move away from the traditional and unnecessarily large homes; here’s just a few to get you thinking:

  • Australia’s current housing affordability crisis
  • Increase in the average cost of living
  • The rise in popularity of eco-conscious living
  • Australia’s changing demographics

With a focus on long term sustainability, the reduction of the country’s environmental footprint and the rising price of the average Australian home, home buyers are looking for smaller, greener homes that remove the excesses of the previous decades. The small homes movement is gaining momentum across the world and Smart Footprint Homes are excited to bring it to the Newcastle market!

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Is a small home right for me?

Small homes have benefits for every stage of life, and they aren’t just financial. They create freedom, encourage conscious living and are increasingly meeting the needs of our changing lifestyles.

First home buyers

Smart Footprint Homes specialises in building small lot homes that meet the needs and budget of the first home buyer. Learn why building a small home is a great option to enter the market.


Did you know a smaller home could double the return of your block while still meeting the needs of the rental market? Learn why a small home is the ideal investment opportunity.


Downsizing provides financial freedom and lower maintenance requirements, without compromising on your lifestyle. Learn why a small lot home is a great option for downsizers…

Why small homes?

If lower costs, reduced maintenance and a smaller environmental footprint sound good to you, then a small lot home is the solution you've been searching for.

Focusing on smart, innovative and efficient use of space, small homes provide the above benefits without needing to sacrifice the comforts and features you'd expect in your dream home.

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