Knock Down & Rebuild

Love your location but not your living space?

Location is key to living the life you love. So if you’ve settled on the perfect spot in a not-so-perfect house, we’re here to make it your ultimate home with a knock down and rebuild. 

At Smart Footprint Homes, we’ll guide you through the entire process of building a new dwelling on your existing block, from demolition and design to construction and handover. With a philosophy centred around finding magic in the minimal, our goal is simple – delivering the home you’ve always dreamed of on the land you never want to leave.

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Why knock down and rebuild?

If your home looks tired and outdated or no longer complements your lifestyle, it’s time to switch things up. But renovating can be costly, selling and buying can be stressful and moving can be heaps of hassle. Enter the knock down and rebuild.

Save with smart solutions

With no unexpected renovation expenses, hefty stamp duty or real estate fees, the cost of building a new Smart Footprint Home on an existing block of land might surprise you. What’s more, it pays to think ahead. If your current dwelling is old and power hungry, building and maintaining a new energy-efficient home can bring lower costs in the long run.

Design for your life stage

By starting fresh, you can design a home that’s tailored to your unique needs and preferences. While an extension or renovation is limited by the existing floor plan, a knock down and rebuild opens the door to all sorts of options. Whether you want to downsize or expand your living space, this new home will be created to fit perfectly on your property.

Stay on the land you love

With a shortage of sites and rising land costs in Newcastle, Hunter Valley and the Central Coast, finding a new block in your beloved neighbourhood is much easier said than done. Thankfully, you don’t need to pack up and move to secure your dream home. Knocking down and rebuilding allows you to stay right where your family, friends and memories are.

Our knock down and rebuild process

Design meeting & site visit

In our initial meeting, we’ll work with you to discover the ideal living solution for your needs, vision and budget. Then our team will conduct a comprehensive site assessment before finalising your design.

Quote & contract

We’ll provide you with a full turnkey quote detailing all inclusions clearly. Once approved and the contract signed, we’re ready to get this knock down and rebuild off the ground!

Council approval

Our small home specialists will help you to complete and submit all of the required paperwork for council approval, keeping the process smooth and simple from start to finish.


It’s time to wave goodbye to your old dwelling. We’ll take care of the demolition phase from start to finish to ensure it’s completed with maximum efficiency.


Let the rebuild begin! Your new house will start to take shape as our builders get to work. Have questions? Your dedicated site manager will keep you informed along the way.


The final step? Giving you the keys to your dream home. We’ll take you on a thorough inspection of this brand new build before leaving you to celebrate (and eventually unpack those boxes)!

Ready to reimagine your property’s full potential? Learn more about knock down and rebuilds with Smart Footprint Homes below or reach out to our team today on (02) 4947 2800.

Frequently asked questions

How long does a knock down and rebuild take?

From sign off to handover, the knock down and rebuild process can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months. This duration depends on a range of factors, from demolition and council approval to the design and size of your new home.

For a tailored time estimate for your project, please contact the Smart Footprint Homes team today.

What should I bring to our kick-off meeting?

To get the most value out of our first appointment, please bring the following:

  • Land Title
  • Contract of Sale
  • Estimated budget
Extension vs. knock down and rebuild: why start from scratch?

When it comes to making structural changes to an existing building, it’s difficult to determine the true expense from the outset. With hidden charges and unforeseen issues often adding to your costs along the way, all renovations run the risk of exceeding your budget.

On the other hand, Smart Footprint Homes will quote the full turnkey price for your knock down and rebuild upfront before the project gets underway. With detailed and transparent communication, you can be confident in your final costs from day one.

Of course, some extensions may work out costing roughly the same as a full knock down and rebuild, but it’s important to weigh up your options with the end goal in mind. In many cases, you can achieve the best results by starting fresh!

What is included in a knockdown and rebuild?

The team at Smart Footprint Homes will manage your whole project for you, ensuring a streamlined and stress-free experience. From demolition, design and approval all the way through to construction, completion and handover, we’ll deliver your new dream home within the quote provided.

Can you assist with finance?

While we don’t provide in-house financing, our team has a wealth of knowledge regarding the various options that could work for your circumstances. We can also refer you to trusted brokers for further assistance.

Will you inspect my site?

Yes, one of the Smart Footprint Homes specialists will visit your site to determine access, orientation and any other variables for your Knock Down and Rebuild project prior to completing your tender and presenting a quote.

Is a small home right for me?

Small homes have benefits for every stage of life, and they aren’t just financial. They create freedom, encourage conscious living and are increasingly meeting the needs of our changing lifestyles.

First home buyers

Smart Footprint Homes specialises in building small lot homes that meet the needs and budget of the first home buyer. Learn why building a small home is a great option to enter the market.


Did you know a smaller home could double the return of your block while still meeting the needs of the rental market? Learn why a small home is the ideal investment opportunity.


Downsizing provides financial freedom and lower maintenance requirements, without compromising on your lifestyle. Learn why a small lot home is a great option for downsizers…

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