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Sometimes thinking outside the box can double your return on investment when it comes to property. At Smart Footprint Homes, our experienced team will work with you to determine what is feasible on your block depending on local council regulations and New South Wales state laws, as well as explore how to best optimise your land for maximum bang for your buck.

Whether you want to build your own with an additional space for increased rental return or it’s purely investment, our years of experience and local knowledge will help you achieve maximum value in your property. Our team provides:

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A subdivision refers to the process of dividing a larger piece of land into smaller, individual parcels or lots.

This can involve dividing a single property into multiple pieces to create new residential or commercial lots. The process typically includes obtaining necessary permits and approvals, delineating property boundaries, and setting up infrastructure such as roads, utilities, and drainage.

Undertaking a subdivision on your land offers several advantages. It can unlock the potential for additional properties, providing opportunities for residential or commercial development that can increase the property’s value. Subdivisions also offer the chance to maximize land use efficiently, potentially creating a more organized and planned environment. Additionally, subdividing can open doors for investment, generating rental income or selling individual lots. However, it’s important to consider factors like regulations, infrastructure costs, and market demand before embarking on a subdivision project.

Absolutely, many subdivisions provide flexibility in terms of home design and construction. While there might be architectural guidelines or design principles in place to maintain the overall aesthetic of the subdivision, you often have the freedom to choose a home design that suits your preferences and needs. Customizing aspects such as layout, finishes, and features can help you create a home that reflects your style within the framework of the subdivision’s guidelines.

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