About Smart Footprint Homes

The small home specialists

Led by our Director Alex, our team’s skills cover various industries including commercial, residential and a specialty in small home options such as granny flats. The need was identified via our sister company Backyard Grannys, with many clients asking for homes larger than a granny flat but smaller than the average home. The discovery that there wasn’t a home builder in the Newcastle and Central Coast area servicing this need is how Smart Footprint Homes was born.

We strongly believe that the current property market is not meeting the needs of the everyday Australian, and that the time of the ‘McMansion’ is dead. We believe that smaller, smarter built homes are the answer to the housing affordability crisis and many other issues facing prospective buyers.  

Through extensive market research and the years of experience our team has accumulated servicing the building industry in Newcastle, we have developed a series of innovative and economical designs to suit a range of site and lifestyle requirements.

Whether you’re a first home-buyer, looking for an investment property or downsizing, our stylish and affordable inclusion packages can be customised to suit your individual needs.

We don’t want to be just another local building company. We want to create homes that allow our customers the freedom to live the life they always wanted to, and that don’t cost the earth… literally.

The Smart Footprint Difference

At Smart Footprint Homes, we don’t want to follow the trends of other builders. We want to be different and we want our homes to stand out from the crowd. We are about quality over quantity, and are passionate about building simple, functional and beautiful homes for our customers.

Innovative Designs

At Smart Footprint Homes we are specialists in clever and compact design that optimises the space available, making your home feel larger than life. We believe that when designed well, living in a small home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the standard features of a normal house. Innovative architectural features and unique storage solutions mean that your dream home will lack nothing and continue to save you money on maintenance and energy bills well into the future. Click here to learn about our Design Philosophy.

Guaranteed Quality

Led by our Director Alex, our team’s skills cover various industries including commercial, residential and a specialty in small home options such as granny flats. This accumulation of talents and expertise means that we have formed strong relationships with the best local trades and suppliers, so you can rest assured that your home is of the highest quality and is benefiting your local community. Our carefully selected team take great pride in their work and are passionate about the Smart Footprint Homes vision to build smarter, smaller homes.

Full Turn-Key Service

Our full turn-key service means that your dream home is kitted out with everything you need to move straight in and start your new life. From landscaping and fencing through to kitchen appliances, floor fittings, and window treatments, which many other project home builders fail to include. We will arrange everything but your furniture. So, all you have to do is simply turn the key and enjoy your new Smart Footprint Home.


Premium Inclusions

At Smart Footprint Homes, premium inclusions are a standard feature. We believe the homes of the future are those that make smart use of space and technology, which is why we have raised the bar on the standard level of inclusions. We want to embrace technology with intuitive and functional products that improve our daily experiences, not detract from them. For this reason, all of our Smart Footprint Homes designs include the premium level of inclusions as a standard feature in your home.

Our History

Smart Footprint Homes was founded by Alex Mitchell, a local builder who has a reputation for delivering high quality homes in the Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Valley regions.

Prior to founding Smart Footprint Homes in 2018, owner and Director Alex Mitchell founded three other highly successful construction companies in the Newcastle greater area which all still operate today including the well known, award-winning granny flat business Backyard Grannys.

It was through Backyard Grannys, that a need in the market was identified for smaller, smarter-designed housing in the Newcastle area. Smart Footprint Homes was born with the team combining the skills and experience learnt building efficient quality granny flats with sound construction practices and project management from commercial projects completed via Xbuilt.

Alex has developed a professional and passionate team who can custom design a home of all sizes, to suit your needs.

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