Our Build Process

It's simple to build a custom home with Smart Footprint Homes!

At Smart Footprint Homes we have refined our processes through years of experience building similar projects. We aim to be as efficient as possible and work in partnership with our clients to ensure that building is a rewarding and stress-free experience. 

Our team seamlessly manage each project from concept to completion including throughout the design, complying development approval and construction processes. We have earned a great reputation for keeping our clients well informed throughout the build process and are committed to keeping you updated on the progress of your Smart Footprint Home at every stage.


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Site Investigation and develop Design brief

We will identify the constraints on the site that will impact the project as well as the clients brief for function and style.


We will prepare a quote (not fixed) to give you an understanding of the budget requirements of your project. This can be used for pre-approval with your bank or to adjust the scope if needed to match your budget.

Tender and Plan Preparation

After you pay the deposit, we will start preparing the formal tender. This will involve ordering a survey, completing plans and any other relevant reports such as Geotech or Bushfire etc. The goal is to allow for the costs as accurately as we can, however, some costs like council requirements or latent conditions underground cannot be estimated at this stage.

Selections Process

The fittings and finishes are an important factor in any project. Our expert team will walk you through the process, assisting you to choose your interior and exterior colours, fixtures and finishes. We can then be sure our tender and contract are based on the items you want in your home.



Based on plans and other necessary documents we will present you with a final tender to review and this forms the basis of the contract. You can use this contract to get your full finance approval.

Council Approval

Once the contract is signed, we can submit to council and prepare to commence your project onsite. Our specialist team will manage this process for you and liaise with the council officers, engineers etc. on your behalf.


One of our team of project managers will manage the build for you. Seeing construction through to handover when you pick up your keys.

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