3 Things To Look For In A Custom Home Builder

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By far the biggest drawcard of building a brand-new home is creating one that is the perfect fit for your lifestyle and needs. Which is why lots of people opt to build a custom home rather than a standard off the plan design from a volume builder.

With a customised design you get to choose the size, configuration, style and more—everything from the façade and cladding through to the smallest details like doorknobs and tapware. You can also design the layout to suit your family, lifestyle and the features of your block.

However, while the choice and scope of a custom build is a definite benefit, if you don’t partner with a builder who is flexible, experienced and ‘gets’ your vision, there is a real chance of it all ending badly.

So, how do you find the right custom home builder to bring your vision to life? In this article we share 3 non-negotiables to look for.

1) They have proven experience

While anyone can claim to be a custom home builder, experience counts. Those who have worked closely with clients to successfully bring their vision to life have a definite advantage over those who are more used to building a handful of standard designs. Custom built homes require a flexible attitude and relevant experience to pull it off, otherwise the finished product will likely disappoint.

Remember, you are the consumer here—don’t be afraid to meet with builders to discuss your ideas so you can decide for yourself if they are a good fit. An experienced custom builder will be happy to chat about past projects and offer ideas that are in line with your vision, to help bring your dream home to life.

2) They are reliable and responsive

As anyone who has built a home before will attest to, there’s nothing more frustrating than endless delays, unanswered calls and feeling like your project is in limbo! With a custom home, there are more variables, and extra work needed during the design stage. If this aspect is not factored in and managed effectively, it has the potential to cause headaches and frustration.

Builders who have a proven track record in custom design are better able to seamlessly factor in all the additional consultation, drafting, selection and other ground work, to make sure the project is executed smoothly from start to finish. Choosing a builder that is responsive to your questions right from the get-go and can be relied upon to follow up on anything outstanding and keep things moving is worth their weight in gold.

3) They listen and understand your vision

Perhaps the most important aspect of designing your dream custom home is partnering with someone who listens to your ideas and can clearly see your vision of how you want your new home to be. Whether you have already decided on the design, style and features you like, or are needing some advice to help you bring it to life, for it to work you need your builder to be on the same page.

For the best result this means plenty of communication both ways – where your builder not only listens to your ideas, but they also provide suggestions and alternatives that align with your vision and enhance your design. For example, often clients with size or budget constraints are unaware of the potential of a custom built small design homes as a viable alternative to a larger home. Having the expertise of a custom builder on tap means you’ll get better and more relevant advice, which will potentially save you time and money, and avoid the need for compromise.

Experience, care and communication are a must

Choosing the right builder is a big decision—and it can often be the difference between a home you love and a lingering sense of disappointment at what could have been. This is especially true if you choose to custom build.

Do some research and make a shortlist of potential builders, then tee up a time to talk to them about how they can help you. The right builder will be able to add to your ideas to enhance your vision—and they will be just as excited as you are to see it come to life.

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