Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about the new home build process

1.All you need to know about the new home build process

The smallest block we will build is 200m².

2. What is the minimum size my block needs to be to meet CDC requirements?

A standard block must be at least 200m² in size and the width of the lot must not be less than 6m.

3. Can I add a garage or deck/patio to my Smart Footprint Home?

Yes. We can help find a design that suits all of your needs.

4. How long does the design/approval process take?

This can vary depending on your block, and your build's specific requirements, and we will give you a clear breakdown of each step in the process at contract stage. Typically, the CDC process will take approximately 12 weeks and DA can take 16-18 weeks depending on each council.

5. How long does it take to build?

A typical small home will take approximately 20 weeks to build.

6. Can I select the colours and finishes of my home?

We have a large range of colours and materials for you to choose. We have a showroom in Newcastle, which stocks a large range of materials and colours so you can envisage what your Smart Footprint Home will look like.

7. Do you offer any warranties or guarantees?

Yes, we offer 7 year structural warranty and a defect period of up to 13 weeks.

8. Are service connections included?

Our standard pricing includes all relevant and service connections including water, sewer, electricity and telecommunications if nominated.

9. What are the standard inclusions?

We recommend you go to our general inclusions page here to see these details.

10. Do you have any Smart Footprint Homes on display?

Our brand new display home is currently being built! Stay up to date on its official opening and sign up to our newsletter.

11. Do you provide financing options?

We do not provide in-house financing. However, we have excellent relationships with a variety of experienced mortgage brokers who are familiar with our small lot homes. Please call us on 4947 2800.

12. Do you offer turnkey packages?

Yes we do! Check out our services page for a full list of our offerings or give one of our sales team a call to discuss your project today!

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