Downsizing Homes

Small is smart

Smart Footprint Homes is passionate about building stylish, innovative and efficient homes that deliver a strong return on investment for their buyer.

We believe our designs showcase a carefully considered design approach, maximising space and limiting excess without sacrificing on the standard features of a comfortable home. Our focus is ensuring you receive the maximum return on your investment through clever and innovative design and build practices.

For investors, we believe our builds are the perfect solution for smaller blocks, sub-divided or dual occupancy properties. A smaller home opens up a myriad of new possibilities and the opportunity to double the return of your block while still meeting the needs of the rental market.

Why invest in a small home?

Build & hold

Due to the reduced land size and square meterage of the actual home, the cost of building a small lot house is on average much less than that of the current standard sized Australian home. In addition to this, rental returns on small homes don’t differ greatly from larger homes, hence offering investors a much greater return on investment.


Like all new homes, small lot homes built new have high depreciation benefits in the first 6 years.


Two for one

Building a small home often means you can fit more on your block of land than expected. Why not sub-divide your land and build, or create a dual occupancy investment? Either sell or rent both properties, or keep one for yourself to live and rent out the other.


Talk to us today about how to make the most out of your land. Our check out our information on dual occupancy builds and smart subdivision and let us tailor a solution to suit your needs and investment goals.


Resources for investors At Smart Footprint Homes, we can help you maximise your investment potential.

Check out some of our resources below to help get you on your way:


Build Process

At Smart Footprint Homes we have refined our processes through years of experience building similar projects, to bring you a rewarding and stress free build. Learn more…


Smart Footprint Homes has a network of brokers and finance professionals who can assist you and recommend the best way forward for your small home. Learn more…


All of our designs at Smart Footprint Homes are contemporary and unique with a high level of attention to detail, optimisation of space and quality construction. Learn more…
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